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Rizwitsch Sales blends experience and established business relationships with a concentrated representation to help you grow your business within the Ohio market.  Our foodservice experts possess the forward thinking and dedication necessary to assist you in driving a higher volume of product and increasing your sales within the following business segments:


Rizwitsch understands the challenges within the Commercial segment.  With 27 years of experience, our team has learned the ins and outs of this segment and has developed numerous, unique and successful solutions for our customers.  In order to assist you in this segment, Rizwitsch Sales maintains:


Strong Relationships With

  • Restaurant Chains
  • Independent Operators

An Educated Focus On

  • Quality Products
  • Menu Consistency
  • Introducing Relevant and New Items

An Executive Chef On Staff To Assist You With

  • Research and Development
  • Current Market Trends
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Menu Planning


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Rizwitsch has established key business relationships within the non-commercial segment, including; Schools (K-12), Colleges and Universities, Hospitals, and the Military. We are effective in this area because of our focus and concentration through our non-commercial specialists. For your assistance in this segment, Rizwitsch Sales maintains the following personnel:

School Specialist
School Nutrition AssociationDevelops and maintains relationships on the local level with the school systems, as well as the buying groups for the schools.

Bid Specialist
Works closely with schools and key bid providers to secure placement of items for the manufacturers we represent.

Healthcare Specialist
Works directly with hospitals, senior living, and nursing homes. He is an expert in nutrition, health, and wellness.


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